The Community Speaking about the Community Judge

Not only is this man, one that keeps the community in the courtroom, but a man, that cares about the cash strapped, folk in the courtroom. He deserves, our continuous commitment of his compassion, for our communities.

Pastor A D Lenoir

Judge Murray is an outstanding Judge that possesses an endless number of positive qualities. Judge Murray works tirelessly and rules promptly. I have no doubt in my mind that Judge Murray is and will continue to be an asset in any courtroom. Therefore, I am in support of keeping Judge Murray as Judge for Miami-Dade, County.

Patricia Kelley

I grew up with Gordon Murray and give testimony to his good character and life values. This is a well grounded soul with fairness of heart. God Bless you Gordon and thank you for all your contribution to this community. The community deserves the strength of Judge Murray.

Joy Venero

The duty of a judge is not to cast judgment on people at face value but to discern the actions of a person, and when at issue, the content of her character. If you want a just judge that will consider people and their legal issues in a fair, respectable and ethical manner, then look no further. Judge Murray cares very much about the community, and goes above and beyond expectation to carry out his responsibilities. He was one of the people that inspired me to go to law school. I have no doubt about his qualifications and hereby endorse him for reappointment.

Evelyn Batista, J.D.

Judge Murray is one of the most ethical, competent and respectable judges I’ve known. Retain Judge Murray as he is a true advocate for justice.

Chanel Fanor, Esq.

  • Support those who support you. Thank you Judge Murray for motivating me to encourage, inspire and instill faith in myself when applied for my Full Pardon. Although it was denied you helped me realize life goes on. Delay is not denial.

Suzann Nicholson


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