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The Committee to Keep Judge Gordon Murray comprises everything great about Florida. The Committee represents gender and racial diversity, a multitude of practice areas, different professions, and people committed to the community.

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Judge Gordon Murray

Michael Higer, Esq.

Ricardon Martinez-Cid, Esq.

Yolanda Strader, Esq.

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John Kozyak, Esq.

Byrnes Guillaume, Esq.

Todd Michaels, Esq.

Jason Setchen, Esq.

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Luis Suarez, Esq.

Sue-Ann Robinson, Esq.

Roland Sanchez Medina, Esq.

Hegel Laurent, Esq.

Finance Committee

Ramon Abadin

Danelle Bernten

Hector Lombana

Pilar Bosch

Joel Brown

Gonzalo Dorta

Javier Perez-Abreu

Phillip Reisenstein

Israel Reyes

G.C. Murray II

Jessica Murray

Whitney Untiedt

Jean Polo

Jennito Simon

Kenneth Ejene

Sam Gilot

Jason McIntosh

Andre Pierre

Helen McGuire

Frandley Julien

Jack Hickey

Jeff Allen

Carlos Munoz

Juan Enjamio

Deidra Shaw-Wilder

Brendalyn Edwards

Lawrence Metsch

Tomas Gamba


P.O. Box 614443, Miami, FL 33261

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